20th Jun, 2008

Jordan in the sand……

We did go to the beach the first week of June and had a great time. Jordan LOVED playing in the sand and in the water. See for yourself! The first picture is his first glimpse of the water.







It was a year ago today that we left Ukraine on our way home!


Dreams come true not only at Disney World, but in Alabama too!

He looks busy in the sand. It must have been an experience!

Wonderful pics – sorry it took me a while to get over here & look at them :) I almost don’t even recognize Jordan anymore, he’s really changed and is growing up fast!

Isn’t it awesome to experience these firsts through the eyes of a child? William was absolutely blown away when we first set foot on the beach.

Hope all is going well with you guys.

Seeing these pictures really makes me want to be at the beach! Right now I’m sitting in an office listening to thunder and expecting it to rain any minute. Jordan is getting big! Nice looking young man. . .

We just got back from the beach too and the look on a Lane and Ashley’s face when they get that first glimpse of the ocean is priceless! I love the pictures. He is growing up so fast and looks more like his proud parents everyday..It’s truly amazing! Love you!

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Awaiting Christmas pictures :-)

I agree with Mistie, you should show us some updates.

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