21st May, 2008

One year ago



It’s been one year ago today since we first met Jordan. I wonder how many people might remember that and log on the web sight to see if we had posted anything. May the 21st was a very special day for us. I actually got my days mixed up and thought it was yesterday. I was taking Jordan to my mother’s on my way to work. I would look over at that little fellow and just cry. He is such a blessing and has adapted so fast. His English has developed so quickly. I am amazed at him everyday.
It’s only been a year but it seems like he has been with me all his life.
I thank God for all He has done for us and for sending us this wonderful gift.


Yes, I remember and am still showing pictures. He is amazing! Big DaDa

What a blessing this little boy is to you guys – praise God!! Congrats on one year :)

Hold on to those days…they fly by so quickly. Sometimes I tell Lane and Ashley I wish I could freeze time and keep them just like they are and hold on to each memory…Ashley always says…”God didn’t make us to stay little…we have to grow”!
We all celebrate each year of Jordan blessings with you. Love you much!

I still have this website on my favorite list and happened to click on it today. Last summer I checked it every day just for an update or to see pictures. Wow, time has really flown!

Ok Jenny…we know you went to the beach recently. Where are the pictures of Jordan in the sand?

I check it often to see if anything new is here.
Doug and I had tears reading your post. Keep
up the good work. We love you!

Happy Family Day to all of you!!!! One year ago your family was complete. Now you are just growing in grace. I love all of you!!!

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