26th Sep, 2007

Good Times!!

Hi All,



Just wanted to share a couple of pictures from our recent trip to the county fair. Jordan loved it, as you can tell. He cried when it was time to go home. PawPaw was there and bought him a caramel apple. We ate it last night and he enjoyed every bite.




These pictures were taking at home with his two horses and wagon. He plays with them everyday. You would think Jordan is too big to ride the horses, but he loves playing with them. They are named after the two horses at Ms. Cathy’s house, Ginger and Pepper. He is hilarious riding through the house.

I will probably stop posting on this site soon. Actually, it will expire shortly after the first of the year. However, feel free to leave a comment. If there continues to be activity, I may continue to post until then.



I still enjoy looking at the past and are always looking for new post or comments. Sure enjoy the pictures not taken by me. Maybe you’ll get a CHRISTMAS post before expiration. LOVE as always, BIG DA DA

Our joy comes from the Lord!

Just wanted to say how happy I am for your new family! My husband and I are in the process of adopting through Lifeline, and I have enjoyed your blog since the beginning of your time in Ukraine. I feel like I know you two and Jordan! Thank you for posting the update – it is encouraging to see how much your “little” boy has blossomed since he got home! Your family is in my prayers! Thank you for making your adventure available for others to read and enjoy.

I wondered if you were still on the site. I just took a chance and seen your posting. I think about ya’ll all the time. Love ya lots M&L Prayers are with ya’ll

I’m glad to see the pictures and the post too. I hope you can print all of this for Jordan’s baby book. This has been and continues to be a journey all of us have been blessed to take with you. He has a beautiful smile just like his Momma and Poppa!
We will check back soon! We love you! Roy, Mistie, Lane and Ashley

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