27th Jul, 2007



Here is some news worthy of the website! Today was the 1st day I dropped Jordan off at “daycare” that HE DID NOT CRY!! We seem to be making process. If he did cry, I was already back in the car and headed down the road. It sure did help Mama’s feelings not to leave him crying.

Since my last post, he has gone to the rodeo with Big Da Da and Nana and to the river to ride in Papa’s boat. Almost every morning this week, he has got up talking about horses and cows. This morning, he talked about Big Da Da and cows. The trip to the river last Saturday was nice. It was just hot so we didn’t stay long. His accent can really be heard when he says “boat”.

Please pray for our friends James and Teresa Sims and their little boy, Jacob. James has already come back home and started back to work. Teresa is still in Ukraine trying to get a passport for Jacob. It seems that shortly after we returned home mid-June, the process of obtaining a passport changed drastically. Fourteen days have passed since they started this process. Believe me people, these days seem like an eternity when you are away from home. I can’t imagine having to go through all Teresa is going through right now without Clark with me. Pray for James too. We talked with him last night and he is really worried about his family. You can keep up with them at simsukraineadoption.blogspot.com.

Have a good weekend everybody.



You calling yourself Mama sounds wonderful.
Prayers are being answered. We love ya’ll
Doug & Barbara

I love it that y’all are making progress!
Also, I love it that you posted!!!
You guys are in my prayers,

Jenny forgot to mention that Jordan HIDES from her and his Papa when they come to pick him up at “daycare” or “school” as one of the other mothers call it! He even hides from Big DaDa and Nana! It is so funny to see his face when he sees any of you walk up the sidewalk. His eyes get big, his mouth forms a perfect “O” and you can see his mind working. Then, he runs and hides in front of the sofa. He is such a precious little boy.
Our family is so excited to be a part of his life.

I think it is wonderful that you are helping others get throught what they think is such a hurdle for them too. God is really a great God and He will be with your friends just as he has for you, Clark and Mr. Jordan.

hey yall call mee Zack JR and everyone says hi. Thought I would let you adjust before I come se Yaa

He is soooooooo cute!! I know that I have said that already, but I cannot get over how adorable he is. I can’t wait to meet him some day

It has been a blessing seeing that you have posted again. Please keep us informed by this blog as long as you can. Our prayers are with all of you. God will bring you through it, he doesn’t bring you to it then not bring you through it…God Bless each and everyone of you and your extended family. We would love to meet him some day of course, however, just seeing him happy in the pictures makes us happy.

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