9th Jul, 2007


Hi All,

Just letting you know that Jordan is doing great. Here are a few pictures to prove it!










He has had his first haircut from Nana and his first ride on Papa’s tractor. He loves to play in the pool and take a bath. He enjoyed playing in the baby pool with his new cousin, Liam.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.

C, J, & J


I still look at the web site. Love the pictures. thanks for allowing L and I to be apart of his new life. It means so much to us. You and Clark are doing a great job.

We are still watching and praying. Thanks for the new pictures. Do you wonder what you did before Jordan?
We love you!
Doug & Barbara

He is amazing…..God is so good …..his looks and every emotion….He is your Son……God Bless Our Lord and Savior for the Gift of Life.
I look everyday it is a Biblical miricle in real life……Thank you both so much for sharing, when I am down I just log on and this brings my spirits up ……. how could it not …..just trust in God…Love you all

Thanks for the pics. Jenny, I will see you around campus. Hope everything is going well for you. I know it was hard coming back to work – been there.

Your little one is precious. Glad things are going well – praying that God continues to bless your family!

Hi, I heard about my bro and Jordan playing in the baby pool. Jordan is soooooo cute!

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