19th Jun, 2007

Tourist turned Mama!!

Well, Clark and I started this journey touring Kyiv and enjoyed every minute of it. But now, we have our hands full with Jordan. He is wonderful and we are so thankful for him. We are also so thankful to finally be getting to come home. We are so ready. ALL paperwork is done and now we are just waiting on time to board the plane. JJ, it is time to “get out of the city”!! We leave Kyiv in the morning at 11:00 am.

Everything went well yesterday with Jordan’s medical exam. There was not much to it, but it had to be done in order to get his visa. We had hoped they would weigh him, but they didn’t. We believe he weighs more everyday. Let me just tell ya, the boy is solid.

After that we headed to the American Embassy. Wow, it was nice to be able to communicate with someone. We had a little incident while we were there. I took Jordan to the bathroom and turned away from him for just a minute. I looked back and the poor thing had fell into the commode. I couldn’t help but laugh. When something like that happens, he says “Oywee”, which means “Oh my”. He is so funny when he says it.

He is beginning to pick up a few English words. He hears us say something and he will repeat it. He has a little accent when he speaks English. It stand to reason that he would; I just never thought about it.

Yesterday PM was the first time since we have had him that we were able to spend time alone. All other time has been very busy chasing down paperwork and in the car on LONG rides. I guess everything is beginning to hit him. His personality is changing and we are beginning to see signs of stress in him. The Russian he hears is limited now and he is feeling somewhat isolated. We knew this would come and it is hard for him. It is hard for all of us. He jabbers all the time and some of it is real. We just cannot understand what he is saying, which causes us all to suffer.

This is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Once we can get home and he can get accustomed to the language, having a home, family, our dogs, etc., he will be just fine. However, we are going to need several days home alone with him. Folks in the adoption world has told us this from the beginning. I now completely understand. This is one reason I had hoped we could land in Birmingham at a reasonable time of day. Everyone would have an opportunity to see him, but this just didn’t work out. I would have loved to be 45 minutes from home when we landed, but we are thankful to have a motorhome for the ride back from Altanta. Thank you, C&S for picking us up.

I know several of you are wanting to have a “Welcome Home” party for Jordan. We think that is a great idea, however, we will need to wait a while. He would really enjoy that and we want you all to meet him. He just needs some time.

We would love to see everyone when we return, but this just is not possible right now. Jordan is having a hard time folks and we still need prayers. Just think about it, how hard it would be to leave the only secure place you have ever known with two people who have only visited for three weeks two hours a day. And, on top of that these two people do not speak my language.

I am still concerned about the plane ride. Nine hours to JFK and three more to Atlanta is a long time and as tired as Clark and I are, only God is going to be able to get us through that awfully long flight. SP, I know you are praying about this. You have been for quite a while now. Thank you!!

This journey had touched a lot of lives, some of which I will never know. Some of you are family, some are friends who have shared our ups and downs through the whole process. Some of you are currently trying to adopt and have followed our journey for the sake of information and knowing what to expect. There are others of you who are just curious and found it all to be interesting. Whatever your reason, I have prayed you might be touched though this adoption. I prayed before we left home that God use this website for the good of the people involved and for His glory. He has definitely done this. Also, thank you for telling us how much YOU have enjoyed the post. It would not have been possible without the help from Todd, Clark’s cousin. Todd, you have done a great job with this site and helping us call home. There have been days that going to the internet cafe’ has been the highlight of our day. Clark and I thank you all so much. We wish the best to those of you currently in this process. It is hard folks, I will not kid you. But, trust in the Lord. Take it one day at a time and lean on the grace He will provide daily. Karissa, Beth, J&T and others of you here right now, just know we are praying for you.

Thanking all of you and our Good Lord,
C, J & J


You have really described the situation well. Jordan is away from the security he has known all his life, with people who do not speak his language. Jesus is with you and right there. There is definately a reason you could not fly into Bham. He will definately need time alone with his new family and the dogs will help. We are all praying for you and for him. Jesus KNOWS what HE is doing! Praise HIM!

God is so Good, All the time….even when we have made other plans…..You are both going to be great parents….Guiding, leading and protecting Jordan as only a Mother and Father should, just as our Father in Heaven does for us here. Praise God and God Bless You All !!!! In Christ, Judy & Harold

It is our prayer that everyone reading your post will pass the word on to those without internet that none of us need to visit until YOU tell us it’s time. Post a sign on your door – “NO VISITORS PLEASE”. Anyone who does not understand is only a curiosity seeker and not a true friend. (A little harsh I know, but the truth.)
I am so thankful for the update on how Jordan is handling stuff. He has been in my thoughts alot. I cannot imagine what it would be like to leave the only security I had ever known. I’m sure you are right that it will get worse before it gets better.
I was initially disappointed that you weren’t able to fly into Birmingham. I am now very glad that you can’t.
Thanks for the update.
On a little lighter note, Chad killed a snake on the wood pile at your house yesterday when he went to feed Sadie and Sebastian. He said he thought it was a chicken snake but he wasn’t sure.
Praying for a safe and uneventful trip home.

Jenny, Being a mother is the hardest job I have ever done. Yet, the most rewarding!
Seeking God’s wisdom and guidance and
following it is the answer. I am so proud of you.

Please know that we are praying for a safe trip home. I was thinking about Jordan yesterday and decided that he will have a wonderful testimony one of these days. He will know two people who love him unconditionally, just as Jesus loves us all. You were willing to go “around the world” just to get him. God is still in control!

Jenny and Clark….just love him unconditionally and God will get you through each situation that comes your way. Your wisdom has grown by leaps and bounds throughout this journey. Try to laugh more than you cry. Know you are in our prayers!

Thank you again for the journey it has been wonderful.. I will continue to keep Jordan in my prayers. You knew going into this that it was God who would guide you through and he will be there the whole time. I thank God that he puts people like ya’ll here to do what you do. I will also continue to pray for you and Clark because it will just as hard on you not being able to communicate with him and know if all his needs are met but God will handle all of that. I pray that your flight goes well and all of you can adjust quickly. Love Jennifer

Jenny, no one but you could have written that post asyoudid.I could feel your concern and compasion for all the people that have prayed for you.I could feel how you would love for them all to see Jordan,but you know it is not possible right now.I believe everyone understands.God has looked over Jordan and kept him safe for ya’ll all this time .He is not going to leave him now,or ya’ll.Jordan is going to get so much love he will be fine in a little while.God is so good to let you all understand how he must feel. One day you may have to write a book.I think you could.love you all see you in atlanta mama

Clark and Jenny, we have followed your journey daily and have enjoyed being a part of this wonderful experience with you. I truly believe you will be surprised at how fast Jordan will adapt and learn English. We are all hoping and praying that your trip home will be as easy as possible. Hope to see you soon.

We are praying for your safe journey home and for Jordan’s adjustment to be easy and quick. We’ll see you soon.

Love you! The Moons

Jenny we will be praying for you as you travel with Jordan,I’m sure it will be a trip to remember always,a one to tell Jordan when a little older.We all love the 3 of you and are praying for a smooth trip. God bless you




Hey, guys, get ready to sing “God Bless the USA”!!!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!! We will continue to pray for you guys. Have a safe flight home. Jordan will learn fast, just like a newborn. He will learn to speak English faster than you believe. Good Luck, Love you 3. The Campbell’s

I feel your stress as I read your entry. Everything is going to be fine. We all have had to teach our children how to speak and how to live and you are just living the normal life of a mother. It takes time to adjust to changes and when Jordan sees his new home, his new room and new dogs, you will be surprised how quickly he will adjust to “every day” living. He will adjust in his own time. Don’t rush him, just love him.
See you soon.

Jenny and Clark
I can only say that I as an adopted Nana understands the feeling that you are going through right now. We did get to keep Hanna the 21 days that we were in Guatemala and that helped. But that first night my heart just broke for her. I felt like we had just turned her world upside down. But God did take care of her, and us. LOL I paid $3 for a coke and did not get to drink it until the next day. But I was not going to let it go to waste. Remember that you are in our prayers and God will take care of Jordon and soon he will know that his life with Mama and Daddy is GREAT. I know that you and Clark know that God gave Jordon to you as a Blessing and he will provide.
Love Lanell and family

While reading your letter my heart feels the concern you have for Jordan. I think you are 100% correct. Jordan needs you and Clark for awhile. Just take and love him and God will guide all 3 of you through this. He will love his new home. God has not let us down yet in this journey and I really believe with all my heart, He will have Jordan speaking English real fast. Praying for you.


Clark, Jenny, & Jordan,
I’m one of those “in process” people that you mentioned in your post. I’ve been watching your journey to try and anticipate some of what we have in store for us later this year. In the process, I have seen each of you boldly share your testimony. I know that God is using all 3 of you to further His kingdom, and for that I am so thankful.

I pray His richest blessings on you as you begin the most exciting chapter of this journey – being HOME as a FAMILY!!

In Him,
Jennifer Dove
~waiting to adopt from Ukraine~

God is still in control Jordan will learn faster than you can imagine he will be like alittle sponge . youll see. JUST ENJOY HIM We love yall love she-she

To the Thompson family:
I look at your happy family of three and this is what I see. A dear gift from heaven a angel (Jordan Clark Thompson) from God to you. (Jenny & Clark) Bless the Lord for this little happy family. Bring you all home to Alambam. For love is waiting there.
With love,
Mountain Creek Baptist Church

Congratulations!!! I am so glad to hear your on your way home. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I have enjoyed keeping up with what was happening everyday. Now the journey begins, everything you’ve experienced so far is nothing compared to living with a toddler. Good Luck and God Bless. We are still praying for you guys.

Isn’t technology wonderful…through the computer AND your words (with God’s assistance) we have been able to meet Jordan, visit a land that many of us will never visit and hear the joy from two very special people that now are parents. God has given you a very special little boy, and yes, his world his rearranged but not turned upside down. Jordan’s world is expanding each and every day and you are a very important and crucial part of his world! Enjoy your time at home with Jordan! You have alot to show and teach him! Have fun and continue the updates, the Jordan Adventure is beginning a new phase!

You don’t know me….I am a friend of Ann and Al Russell’s….She sent me this site to visit and send encouraging words…Little Jordan is BEAUTIFUL….and I am glad you 2 have the family you always wanted…..May God’s Peace and Blessings and Prosperity be on all 3 of you for the rest of your lives….and teach him the ways of the Lord that he will not stumble….May God’s Grace be with you always…The Hubbard Family

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