18th Jun, 2007

Coming Home

Well here it is. Probably not what everyone wants to hear but God does things for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand why. We will be traveling, Wednesday, June 20. We will not fly into B’ham. We fly only to Atlanta where Clyde and mama will pick us up. The reason why is because it was going to cost Jordan $600 to fly from Atlanta to B’ham. I know the welcoming party can’t happen now at the airport.

I don’t know why this has happen but there has been alot that I have not understood while we have been here. I could speculate some reasons, maybe it would just be overwhelming for Jordan. Maybe we would miss our flight in Atlanta. I could go on and on and never know why. I do however know who is in control and there is a purpose for everything that has happened. God has carried us this far and I pray that we stay in his will and follow his direction no matter where or which way it may take us.

His way is the perfect way no matter what. I thank everyone that has prayed for us on this journey. I hold each and everyone dear and close to my heart. You’ll never know how much it has meant to us.

C, J & J


Congrats Clark on your 1st Father’s Day! So excited to here the coming home news this week. God is still in control and everything is fine. We can not wait to meet Jordan and see you guys. We love you all!


I can’t wait to hear the whole wonderful story. You are right God’s will is good, it is acceptable, and it is perfect!

I am mailing Penny a note today telling her I hoped she could be at the airport. I did not know at the time I wrote it that our Loving God had other plans. We will not question but be grateful that the journey is about over and you will have your family back in the USA.

I love you all and look forward to seeing all of you.

Love, Prayers,hugs,


i agree with jj, for a reason he has yall coming into atlanta. and we may never know the reason, and that is ok, thru yall sharing your story with us, i have learned to completly trust HIM and go where HE sends me. i can never say thank you enough.

as i drove jac to camp yesterday we had plenty of time to “just talk”, no attitudes, no fighting, no nothing, just talking. and she wanted me to give yall a message from her…. so here it is…..

uncle clark and aunt jenny and jordan– thank you for being my aunt and uncle. i love and miss u so much. i cant wait to meet jordan in person, i know that it will be a while before he adjusts to his new house, so i will wait till he is ready. please call my mama and let her know when she can bring me to see yall… i hope he enjoys his pooh blanket. be safe—-Jackie

i cryed as she was telling me this, i promised to send it to u, and now i fulfilled my duty as a mom…lol

love and miss all three of yall…

This has been an amazing journey. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. God has a reason for everything and sometimes we don’t know why but it all work to our best in the end and that is why he does that. Through your journey it has made me appreciate my family even when they get on my nerves. And it has also made me realize how many children are out there that need prayer and families. You two are amazing people and through your journey I have learned to appreciate God and His wonderful gifts that He has given us everyday.. I love all of you. Good luck on your trip home. And may God continue to bless your family in the good times and bad. (I promise there will be bad) but remember to look to God for all the answers.

Love Jennifer

God is good. I know you are ready to get home and are a little disappointed…but it will be better for all of you. And you are right Clark…the crowd at the airport is extremely overwhelming for the child and you are so exhausted that you can hardly focus on anyone who would be there! There will be time for everyone to welcome you home in their own special way!! And Jordan will enjoy that car ride from Atlanta too :)

wow the light at the end of the tunel. im so happy to hear you are comming home. where you land in the usa dosent matter its that you are coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so happy okay maybe im still in bible school mode but that dosent matter what matters is you left as two and now you return as three. I cant say it enough God Is Great!!!!!!!! be safe and know that we are still praying for your family c&s be careful on your trip picking up your new grandson. we love yall thanks for letting us follow your great JORDANADVENTURE. i DONT KNOW WHAT I WILL DO NOW THIS HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL ADVENTURE. GOD BLESS YOUR NEW FAMILY. LOVE SHE-SHE


I’m sitting here at my desk with tears running down my face. I’m so happy for you guys!!!!!!! I love you both!

We are so thankful you all are coming home. We can’t wait to meet Jordan. We will continue to pray God will bring you home safe!! Love Brian, Heather, Jake, and Emma Claire

We’re with she she. Where you land in the USA is not important. That you land in the USA IS important.
God is in control and knows what Jordan (and all of us) can handle. We’ve waited this long to meet him, another few days will be a breeze because we KNOW we will see him.
Let me just give you a little heads up – once you become a parent, you don’t count anymore. When you meet up with friends and family (and sometimes even strangers) all they want to see is the BABY (regardless of how old or big they are).
Praying for a safe (and sane) trip home.

hi! can’t wait to see you, jenny, and our precious new grandson. looks like he really was liking that coke at mcdonalds! probably will get to like those meals too well. you know all kids love happy meals.can’t wait to see yall. daddy has told all about jordan talking to him! imagine that!see ya soon.love daddy and susan

Not the home coming we had planned, but it is the home coming that GOD has planned that matters. He knows what is best for you 3 and what Jordan can handle right now. We are just glad that you are coming HOME. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey to get you child. I feel like we all have been giving birth for the las month. GOD IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God bring you home safe. Your in our prayers.

Love ya,


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